If you do not have HydroExpert, please download and install it using the HydroSetup XP installation program.

HydroSetup XP version 1.6.0  (36.1 MBytes)

Would you like to run HydroExpert in any computer? Try out our Mobile version. Download and unzip the HydroSetup XP Mobile file.

HydroSetup XP Mobile version 1.6.0  (35.7 MBytes)

Installation doubts? See this FAQ entry.



If you already have HydroExpert installed, please check our updates available as HydroUpdate XP executables. Since the updates are cumulative, download the latest file below.

Hint: to update version 1.5.4 or later, try HydroExpert's "Help > Check for Update" menu.

Update doubts? See this FAQ entry.


What’s new?

See our Development Notes in English or Portuguese.