1. Installation and Updates

1.1. Is HydroExpert free?

Yes. HydroExpert is a freeware software. See the license agreement.

1.2. There are different versions and resources?

No, HydroExpert has always a full-functional release. It is important to note that some resources are customized for user-specific demands. In other words, all functionality is available in the current distribution, however it can only be useful for users which contract a specific customization.

1.3. What is the difference between HydroSetup and HydroUpdate?

First you have to install HydroExpert system using HydroSetup XP. You need to register to get access to the download page and its installation executables. Important: you do this just once. Updates are available as HydroUpdate XP executables, which are small and cumulative updates.

1.4. Which "Customization Options" do I select during installation?

If you are a regular user, choose the "Demo" option. If your company had contracts with HydroByte Software, choose the specific company name. See also FAQ 1.2.

1.5. How do I install HydroExpert?

  1. Go to the download page and make a copy of the HydroSetup XP program.
  2. Run HydroSetup XP and choose an idiom (language) to HydroExpert.
  3. Read and accept the license agreement.
  4. Choose your "Customization Options". The "Demo" option is recommended for new users. See also the FAQ 1.2 entry or HydroExpet's Feature Matrix.
  5. Fill out your name and organization.
  6. Choose a different path destination or leave the default location.
  7. Into "Select Components" step, keep the default selection "Stand-Alone".
  8. Click "Next" and complete the install process.

1.6. How do I install HydroExpert Mobile?

  1. Go to the download page and make a copy of the "HydroSetup XP Mobile" zipped file. Save it in your hard drive.
  2. Put a external storage device as a pend drive or a SD card in your computer.
  3. Unzip HydroSetup XP Mobile content into your external device.
  4. From your portable device, run the "HydroExpertLaunch.exe" auxiliar program to start HydroExpert or HydroDataXP Mobile versions.

1.7. How do I update HydroExpert?

  1. If you are using HydroExpert's version 1.5.4 or later, try "Help > Check for Update" menu.
  2. For version up to 1.5.3, go to the download page and make a copy of the HydroUpdate XP program. Since the updates are cumulative, download the latest file.
  3. Follow the instructions similar to steps 3 to 8 described in FAQ 1.5.
  4. Important: if you are updating a Mobile version, check if the destination location points to the "HydroByte Software" path. For example, the location shoud be similar to "X:\HydroByte Software" for a pendrive recognized in "X:" drive.

1.8. What are the HydroExpert's system folders and how are they organized?

HydroExpert, since its version 1.5.5, has a new organization of its folders to meet the security requirements of applications compliance with Windows Vista, 7 and 8 (also for the Server versions 2003, 2008 and 2012). The folders were divided into three types:

  • ProgramFiles: system files that are not related to user data. In this folder are located the files associated with the implementation and operation of HydroExpert. Normally these files are changed only during updates, for which the Windows user will need Administrator profile/permissions.
  • CommonAppData: data files shared between users. In this folder are located the files associated with the database, when using the Firebird, as well as studies files created by users for sharing.
  • LocalAppData: user-specific data files. In this folder are located the unshared files user.

Depending on the version of Windows, the three folders mentioned above may appear as:

  • ProgramFiles
    Windows XP, Server 2000 ou 2003
    C:\Program Files\HydroByte Software
    Windows Vista, 7 e 8, Server 2008 ou 2012
    C:\Program Files (x86)\HydroByte Software
  • CommonAppData
    Windows XP, Server 2000 ou 2003
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\HydroByte Software
    Windows Vista, 7 e 8, Server 2008 ou 2012
     C:\ProgramData\HydroByte Software
  • LocalAppData
    Windows XP, Server 2000 ou 2003
    C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\HydroByte Software
    Windows Vista, 7 e 8, Server 2008 ou 2012
     C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\HydroByte Software

Important: The update to version 1.5.5 through HydroUpdateXP will migrate the "Estudos" (Study) and Database folders (see FAQ 6.1) from ProgramFiles to CommonAppData. The folder "Estudos" (Studies) and its content will be kept in ProgramFiles only for safety, leaving the user to decide when to delete these files.


2. Academic Use and Purposes

2.1. I’m a professor or a researcher and I would like to test HydroExpert models. Do I need to purchase a license?

No. As declared in FAQ 1.1, HydroExpert is a freeware software. We just ask you to cite into your publications one or more of our scientific publications about HydroExpert’s models. Please, see Documentation page for articles and, if necessary, read the HydroExpert’s freeware license agreement.

2.2. How can I recommend some software or model improvement?

We would be grateful if you recommend such kind of improvements. Please contact us (Reason: New development/improvement). See also FAQ 3.1.


3. Development

3.1. I have found a bug into HydroExpert. How can I report this problem to HydroByte development team?

Nobody is perfect. We think the same about software. Please, take some time and let us know about bugs you found during HydroExpert experiences. First see FAQ 3.2 entry about development notes. If you do not find a solution, contact us (Reason: Bug report). It is very important that you describe the error very well. You can send us screenshots and study’s files for further analysis.

3.2. How can I see the development improvements, bug fixes and new resources of HydroExpert?

Please, see the HydroExpert’s Development Notes.

3.3. I do not work with the Brazilian System. Can I use my data with HydroExpert models?

Fortunately, yes! We would like to help you adapt HydroExpert’s models with your data. Usually, just a few steps are necessary to do this. Please, contact us (Reason: No Brazilian study cases).


4. Models and Software Features

4.1. What are HydroSim XP main features?

  • Detailed representation of hydroelectric production power function. Forebay and tailrace variable water levels. Turbine efficiency function (hill curves).
  • Configurable time intervals: half-hour, hour, day, week and month.
  • Simulates reservoirs, powerhouses, deviation structures (channels and tunnels) and control points/stations.
  • Multi-reservoir operation: more than 180 Brazilian hydro plants and reservoirs available into HydroData XP database.
  • Friendly and useful interface to results analysis.
  • For more details, see HydroExpert’s Feature Matrix.

4.2. Has HydroExpert a multi-language feature?

Yes. English and Portuguese languages are available. During installation, choose your idiom. After installation, see "Tools > Properties > Language" dialog.


5. HydroExpert Startup Tutorials

5.1. How can I Create, Setup and Run a simulation study with HydroExpert and HydroSim XP model?

You can see this tutorial with screenshots or follow the instructions below.

  1. Start HydroExpert and use "Convidado" or "Guest" as an user logon.
  2. In the Study Navigator (a TreeView on the left) click on "HydroSim > HydroSim XP" model category.
  3. Choose "Study > New..." menu command. You will see a "New Study" created with "Jurumirim" hydroplant on it.
  4. With the "Simulation horizon" controls, choose a time horizon to your study.
  5. Select the "Policy" tab. Fill out the "Outflow" (in m³/s) column as an decision policy for this reservoir. For example, you can fill out 300 m³/s.
  6. Select the "Inflow" tab. Fill out the "Incremental inflow grid" (in m³/s) for the "Jurumirim" reservoir. For example, you can fill out 50 m³/s.
  7. Select the "Advanced" tab. Setup some "Initial volume" for the "Jurumirim" reservoir. For example, setup at 80% of usage.
  8. Save your study data with the "Study > Save" menu.
  9. To run the simulation model, use the "Study > Run" menu, or click F9.
  10. Now you can analyze your results (flow, level, efficiency and generation trajectories) using charts and grids available at "Per plant" and "Grids" tabs.


6. Backup and Data Migration

6.1. What folders and files should I backup when I have been using HydroExpert for a while?

We recommend that you back up, manually or automated through some application for this purpose, the content of the following folders:

  1. %CommonAppData%\HydroByte Software\Database\*
  2. %CommonAppData%\HydroByte Software\HydroExpert\Estudos\*

About the HydroExpert's system folders, see FAQ 1.8.

6.2. What folders should I migrate between two HydroExpert installations?

This situation can happen when you install a new version of HydroExpert, on the same computer that has a previous version or in another machine, and want to migrate data from your work with HydroExpert. Folders to be migrated are the same listed in FAQ 6.1. However, be careful when copying the file DBHydroData.gdb to not override the new one.