HydroData XP

HydroData XP is a database application for data management, organization and analysis of hydroelectric plants, reservoirs and control stations.

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HydroData XP main features

Technical Description

  • Brazilian hydroelectric database (more than 184 plants). The database system can be customized to other multi-reservoir systems. 
  • Managed elements: hydro plants, small hydroplants, reservoirs and control points. 
  • Multi-plataform database: Firebird (versions 2.x) and SQL Server (versions 7, 2000, 2005 and 2008). Options to Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL are in development.

Graphic Interface

  • Friendly graphic interface with tab/categories organization.
  • Technical charts and grids help user to analyze and consolidate reservoir and plants data.
  • Google Earth and Google Maps integration.