HydroSim XP

HydroSim XP is a multi-reservoir hydroelectric simulation model with an extensive representation of operational constraints.

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Note: HydroSim XP is part of the decision support system called HydroExpert.

HydroSim XP main features

Simulation Model

  • Detailed representation of hydroelectric production power function. Forebay and tailrace variable water levels. Turbine efficiency function (hill curves).
  • User defined operational policies: simulates decisions based on total discharges or hydro generation.
  • Configurable time intervals: half-hour, hour, day, week and month.
  • Simulates reservoirs, powerhouses, deviation structures (channels and tunnels) and control points/stations.
  • Multi-reservoir operation: up to 180 Brazilian hydro plants and reservoirs available into HydroData database.

Graphic Interface

  • Friendly and rich graphic interface with advanced resources for simulated operation analysis.